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“Video in Healthcare”

August 1, 2012


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We are looking forward to seeing you at “video in healthcare event” on Monday, Aug 13th at 11:00. You must register to attend and seating will be limited.

This will be a fairly light, fast paced and interactive event. We expect about a 25 people from the pharma and healthcare industry and it will start at 11:00 and be over by 12:30.
CEO of Arthritis Ireland, John Church,  will do a quick intro of the panel, each panelist will have 5-10minutes of prepared remarks, and then 20 minutes of Q&A. We will have healthcare technology demonstrations from both Clear.MD and Vsnap.
  1. John Church, CEO Arthitis Ireland will moderate will intro and cover the importance of using emerging video technology to improve patient care
  2. John Brownlee, CEO Clear.MD, will demo their new video application and discuss patient education
  3. Annmarie Devlin, Business Development Point of Care, will discuss how Point of Care is using vsnap to humanise healthcare in practice.
  4. Martin Kelly, Venure Capital Partner IBM, will talk about the importance of investing in new startups through programmes like the HealthXL (which is a new Dublin based healthcare accelerator)
At the end John Church will moderate a few questions from the crowd and close it out after 20minutes.
Coffee, Tea and Healthy Fruit will be served!

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